About Me

Just Like Moms by Tracey

Hi there! It’s Tracey here. I’m a home-cook currently based in Atlanta, GA. I am the content creator of Just Like Moms. Here you will find lots of authentic Asian dishes, easy Baking instructions, & Instant Pot recipes. Before you get started, let me tell you a little bit of myself.

As my mom made my family and I home cooked meals, I've always assisted her growing up. I started off with learning the basics of cooking a dish by first buying ingredients for my mom’s recipes, then preparing all the veggies and herbs. Eventually, I began to minimally help her during all of her cooking sessions. My passion grew for cooking once I moved out and lived on my own. Having been introduced to new recipes that I’ve never cooked before just made me so much more interested in being in the kitchen. I became so fond of wanting to create more dishes that I started an account to post my own personal collection of recipes. Throughout time, I continuously updated and improved many of my recipes. I love to share how easy, tasty, and inexpensive the recipes are when you cook at home, which is why I began Just Like Moms. 

With that being said, you will find mostly traditional Vietnamese recipes on my blog. My goal is to perfect and preserve the authenticity of the food I’m sharing, hoping to bring you more knowledge on Vietnamese cuisine. Aside from traditional Vietnamese food, I also include recipes from different types of cuisine from all over the world. Asian recipes are mainly what I strive to keep alive in my kitchen. Hopefully, my recipes and thorough step-by-step instructions will inspire you to fall in love with cooking. Be sure to follow, subscribe, and share my page to others as I'm here to motivate you!

Contact me [byjustlikemoms@gmail.com] if you have any questions.